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New Inspire ICE. Now with the prescription of Mc Laughlin, Bennett and Trevisi.

Beautifully clear and uniquely strong for maximum clinical efficiency.

The Inspire ICE transparent brackets are the perfect aesthetic solution, offering superb results for patients in need of mild, moderate or significant tooth movement and unprecedented treatment control. Inspire ICE features crystal-clear monocrystalline sapphire brackets that are virtually invisible –regardless of the patient’s tooth shade. The dimensions of Inspire ICE brackets are almost identical to those of metal brackets, and they offer excellent reliability and resistance to breakage.

Maximum tie-wing strength and advanced heat-treatment technology make Inspire ICE brackets twice as resistant to breakage as other ceramic appliances. Torque strength is three times that of our main’s competitor’s brackets.

Perfect Transparency

Inspire ICE brackets are made of monocrystalline for a crystal-clear appearance that blends in with patients’ natural enamel, regardless of shade. The material, combined with a proprietary heat-treating process not only provides a beautiful sapphire finish, but creates a bracket that has been optimized for performance with greater tie- wing and torque strength, which enhances clinical performance and treatment flexibility.

Excellent sliding mechanics

Inspire ICE has an ultra-smooth heat polished surface and rounded contours which facilitates easy wire insertion and reduces frictional resistance.

Easy to debond

Inspire Ice utilizes Ormco’s proprietary ball-base design, which reduces the forcé required to debond for safe, easier single piece removal. Using the Inspire ICE bracket removal plier ensure brackets come of easily and consistently. Simply engage the Inspire ICE debonding instrument under the tie-wing area and advance the instrument toward the bracket pad.

Smooth and comfortable

Inspire ICE is manufactured with a proprietary heat treating and tumbling process that provides smooth surfaces and rounded contours for patient comfort.

Advantages of Inspire Ice

Discover the advantages of the Inspire Ice bracket

Smooth, rounded edges to greatly enhance patient comfort

3X more torque strength tan the leading competitor

Proprietary ball-base for easy debonding

Proprietary crystal-clear sapphire finishing for optimal aesthetics

True twin bracket with ample area under tie-wings for easy ligation

Tooth-specific pad contours and rhomboid shape for fast, accurate placement

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