High-quality archwires to deliver consistent, predictable results

From Copper Ni-Ti® and TMA to steel, Ormco has improved the manufacturing and development of its archwires, in order to guarantee consistent, totally predictable results.

With Copper Ni-Ti, both clinicians and patients benefit from the thermal properties of nickel titanium archwires which apply a consistent force throughout the treatment. The unloading (springback) properties facilitate fast tooth movement, with lighter forces than those of Ni-Ti wires. It is also easier to engage the wire in the bracket slot.

TMA (Beta Titanium) archwire by Ormco remains the industry standard for consistency and quality. With half the force but twice the working range of steel, TMA has indications for all stages of treatment. It is especially beneficial as a main working archwire.

Ormco stainless steel wires are made of 300 series alloys to high tensile strengths in excess of 300,000 psi. They are manufactured to the highest quality for precision, providing optimum forces for arch stability, resilience, formability and
sliding mechanics.

Products in the Ormco Archwire Range

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Copper Ni-Ti
Copper Ni-Ti

Copper Ni-Ti archwire demonstrates precise transformation temperature control, is more resistant to permanent deformation and exhibits a smaller drop in unloading force than other nickel-titanium alloys.


Ni-Ti, Ormco’s nickel-titanium archwire, is characterized by its resilience and high springback capacity, both qualities that are needed during treatment. Ni-Ti is indicated for levelling, alignment and initial rotation control.


Ormco helped develop the first beta titanium archwire more than two decades ago. Over the years, it gradually improved the TMA manufacturing process, which is now the industry standard for consistency and quality.

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The functional arch form

The functional arch form must have the proper shape for optimal correction. From a functional occlusion standpoint, the arch form should accommodate joint-dictated movement patterns. This means that Tru-Arch forms are broader and flatter across the incisors. Additionally, the Straight-Wire® Appliance makes it possible to eliminate in/out archwire bends because the bracket thickness is engineered for the different tooth types. The customized bracket thickness also enables the bracket slots to accept the Tru-Arch shape without wire bends. Therefore, the Tru-Arch shape is the optimum shape for ideal occlusion with the Straight-Wire system.

Copper Ni-ti Alloy

  • Copper Ni-Ti wires consist of nickel, titanium, copper and chromium. This series provides a wide range of options for selecting the force of choice and the wire size for the dictates of the case and the type of treatment.
  • The addition of copper to the patented Ormco Ni-Ti® archwires makes them react to heat, releasing the optimal level of force and resulting in optimal tooth movement.

Advantages of our Archwires

Discover the advantages of our Archwires

The unloading (springback) properties facilitate fast, efficient tooth movement.

Due to the lower hysteresis of Copper Ni-Ti archwires, engagement in the bracket slot is easier.

More resistant to deformation than other nickel-titanium wires.

Easy to engage.

Very precise temperature range ensures true heat activation.

Batch-to-batch consistency gives more predictable results.

Main characteristics of Ormco Archwires

Straight-wire® is a family of truly interchangeable, malocclusion-specific appliances that are designed to empower orthodontists to achieve their clinical goals as efficiently and effectively as possible. The following are some of the main characteristics of our product lines.

Quick, efficient movement

The unloading (springback) properties make tooth movement faster and more efficient.

Greater resistance

More resistant to permanent deformation than other nickel-titanium archwires. The forces released are constant, even with minor deflections.


Wide range of transformation temperatures, appropriate for all types of case.

Compatible with many systems

Copper Ni-Ti® archwires are available in several forms: Damon™, Broad Arch and Tru-Arch®.

Easy to engage

Even in the most complicated cases.

Pre-loaded stops

Damon™ and Copper Ni-Ti® archwires feature pre-loaded stops, making them easier to use.

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