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Advanced clear aligner technology

Designed to Meet the Needs of the Orthodontist

With clinical experience from trusted doctors around the world, Spark has created an advanced clear aligner system that is designed to meet the needs of the orthodontist and deliver your treatment vision.
From Ormco, where your practice is our priority.

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Introducing the Latest Spark™ Aligners Release

Explore powerful new features built on a legacy of doctor-inspired innovation.

Advanced Clear Aligner System

Doctors worldwide are using Spark Clear Aligners to treat a wide variety of patient malocclusions including

Contraindication: If a patient has active periodontal disease treatment with aligners should be avoided or delayed until patient is free from symptoms of active periodontal disease.

Designed to Meet the Needs of the Orthodontist


Aligner Innovation Redefined

TruGEN™ is the latest innovation in proprietary branded aligner material, which is designed to deliver an aligner that is more clear , with higher sustained force retention, and is proven to stain less than the leading competitor.

Sustained force retention

TruGEN™ is proven to provide sustained force retention which may result in more efficient and effective tooth movement compared to the leading aligner material.

More clear

The TruGEN™ material is designed to be more clear than the leading competitor.

More comfortable

Custom trays are designed with polished scalloped edges to help enhance patient comfort.

Reduced staining

Spark™ Clear Aligner System is proven to have minimal aligner stains compared to the leading aligner brand.

Simplifying treatment options

Spark™ offers three flexible treatment options to address a variety of smiles based on your patient’s ultimate needs

Advanced Spark™ 20 Spark™ 10
Description Description
Comprehensive treatment of complex malocclusions
Treatment of moderate malocclusions
Relapse, Prerestorative and minor malocclusions
Number of Aligners Number of Aligners
No limit
Number of Aligners
Up to 20 stages
Number of Aligners
Up to 10 stages
Refinements Refinements
Unlimited refinements
Two refinements
One refinement
Arches Arches
Wear Time Wear Time
One week
Wear Time
One week
Wear Time
One week

*1-2 weeks wear time based on clinician’s preference

Software 3D Approver

Aligner Innovation Redefined

The Spark™ Aligner System is backed by our proprietary 3D Approver Software™, dedicated case designers, and a customer focused support team, all with one common goal: delivering on your treatment vision. Why settle for anything less?

Designed to give you more control

Spark™ Approver software is designed to put more control in the doctor’s hands. Built-in flexibility allows you to specify multiple setups at submission, add fully customizable features such as attachments, cutouts, hook and bite ramps and visualize the projected end result of treatment through simulated roots.

* Versions available for Mac and PC

Multiple treatment plans

Aligners with customizable features

Simulated roots help visualize treatment

Proof in the results

Whether in trials or clinical practice, Spark™ Clear Aligner System has created impressive finishes treating a variety of mild to complex malocclusions.

Open bite

28 Weeks

Case Treated by: Dr. Michael J. Mayhew


31 Weeks

Case Treated by: Dr. Iván Malagón


61 Weeks

Case Treated by Dr. Diego Peydro

AP correction

32 Weeks

Case Treated by: Dr. Mike DePascale

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