STB Lingual

Invisible treatment, spectacular results


The STb Light Lingual System delivers superior outcomes for all cases.

Developed by two of the leading lingual practitioners in the world, Dr Giuseppe Scuzzo and Dr Kyoto Takemoto, the STb system comprises the most advanced lingual technology, making it incredibly comfortable for the patient and very easy to use, even for clinicians new to lingual orthodontics.


  • For treating a broad range of cases with maximum 3D control and optimal results.
  • Confident prediction of treatment time.
  • Eliminates compliance issues and misplaced aligners.

Patient comfort

  • Brackets feature a 1.5 mm profile and rounded contours for enhanced comfort.
  • Light-force mechanics make the treatment gentler for tissues.


  • Thanks to passive self-ligation and light hi-tech wires, friction is dramatically reduced and treatment time shortened.
  • The small, narrow size of brackets reduces occlusal interference and increases inter-bracket distance, lightening forces.
  • The bracket pad bonds safely to the tooth surface.


  • Customised indirect bonding set-up allowing for fast, simple and accurate bonding of brackets.
  • Available in single patient kits (SPK) in line with doctor’s preferences.

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