One of the most common and overwhelming challenges for an orthodontist is the correction of skeletal class II. Headgear, class II elastics and many other devices can correct class II, but none of them correct the malocclusion while simultaneously advancing the mandible.

The design improvements we have included in AdvanSync™2 will allow you to perform Class II correction to a new standard of quality, comfort and efficiency.

Fitting Advansync 2 in patients is simple, and it can be done the same day the brackets are bonded 5-5. Advansync 2 has been designed in collaboration with orthodontists who are leaders in Class II correction. It has been created to meet patient expectations while also achieving the results of the treatment plan.


Class II treatment during the treatment of class II

  • Fitted the same day that brackets are bonded.
  • The mandible is advanced to an edge-to-edge position and is reactivated by 2-4 mm every twelve weeks.
  • The molar brackets are bonded once the appliance has been removed.

Design to obtain maximum orthopaedic correction

  • Reinforced Spiralock threading to optimise screw engagement. AdvanSync sits further back in the mouth and is virtually unnoticeable.
  • Advanced metal injection molding provides a stronger and more durable appliance. Electropolished mechanisms provide smoother functioning.
  • Upper and lower screw housing to have a more versatile treatment from start to finish. AdvanSync’s arms are half the size of those in traditional Herbst appliances, resulting in greater patient comfort.

Advantages of AdvanSync2

No headgear and less dependence on patient compliance

Immediately improves mandible position

Surgical cases can be treated without surgery

Adheres firmly to the enamel

Main characteristics of AdvanSync2

The combined efforts of the kerr and Ormco scientists in the state-of-the-art kerr dental materials centre have resulted in cutting-edge technology for increased bonding efficiency.

Spiralock threading

Strengthened for optimisation.

Constant activation

Eliminates the need for patient compliance

Simple application

Fitting AvanSync™ 2 in patients is simple and can be performed the same day as brackets are fitted 5-5.

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