Announcing Spark R15.0

Spark On-Demand
Order any number of Spark Aligners at an affordable price.

Ormco Combo Treatment
You can now switch patients from aligners to braces, before refinements, at no extra charge*.

Software updates

Spark Desktop Approver
A fresh update improves your movie export and real-time approval capabilities.

Spark Approver Web
A whole new and improved Tooth Movement Table and better auxiliary placement editing.

Spark DTX Web Portal
Make refinement scans a thing of the past!


Spark On-Demand

This will bring more flexibility to your treatment options and planning, allowing you to order any number of Spark Aligners at an affordable price without the need to subscribe to a plan.

  • Flexible: Choose between Spark Aligners and Spark Passive Aligners, select the exact number of aligners needed, and pay per tray.
  • Cost-efficient: Only pay for what you need, based on your loyalty tier, with no extra commitment necessary.
  • Convenient: Follow the Spark Aligner workflow to order through our DTX Web Portal instead of manufacturing in office.
  • No change to submission process: Select Spark on Demand, then Spark Aligners, and continue with prescription form and approval as usual.


Ormco Combo Treatment – Switch to Brackets

  • You can now switch patients from aligners to braces for refinements at no extra charge*. Bring more flexibility to your patients’ treatment plans with aligners and braces.
  • Order an Ormco Single Patient Kit of your choice, instead of a refinement, from within the Spark website.
  • If you wish to transition from Spark Advanced to Single Patient Kit of Ormco brackets before any refinements have been submitted, simply use the “Combo Order” button on the DTX Web Portal. Please note, if a patient has already transitioned to a Single Patient Kit of Ormco brackets through our website, no additional refinements are possible.

*Shipping charges may still apply. Applicable to Spark Advance cases only. No additional refinements allowed.

How to transition a patient to brackets

Step 1

Select “Switch to Brackets” by clicking a patient in the “Shipped” tab after a Spark Primary order but before submitting refinements.

Step 2

Select the type of bracket to transition patients.

Step 3

Select a specific Single Patient Kit for your patient but acknowledge that no future refinements will be permitted before ordering. Upon submission, the Ormco Customer Care Team processes the order free of charge, except for potential shipping fees. The option to refine or reorder will be disabled for this case.

R15.0 Software updates

Spark Desktop Approver

Spark Desktop Approver

Multi-view movie export

  • You can now export a composite multi-view treatment simulation movie along with the previously available Single-view movie option.
  • In multi-view mode, 5 pre-defined model views are combined into a single movie frame for each stage.
  • The multi-view mode is now the default mode, and your last choice will be remembered when accessing the movie export feature in the future.

Spark Desktop Approver 

Real Time Approval: Tool expansion for single jaw cases

  • Approver Software’s Real Time Approval now supports the staging recalculation and approval of single jaw cases. Disclaimers will be displayed for cases that are not supported for staging recalculation.
  • You can now update the final tooth position (T2)* and recalculate the current staging while instantly approving changes.
  • The Stage Editor feature allows you to increase the number of active or passive aligners while instantly approving any changes made.

 *In class I cases with spacing or minor crowding, no C-chain, no Eruption guides and no IPR. The Recalculate tool should be used once all the modifications to the final tooth position and increasing the number of aligners are done

R15.0 Software updates

Spark Approver Web

Spark Approver Web 

Tooth Movement Table

  • The new horizontal layout allows you to view and follow the teeth and their movements in the same view following the teeth sequence.
  • This tool enables you to edit and view the values of tooth movements in a single table. A red dot indicates intermediate or challenging movements.
  • Each column represents a tooth number, and each row represents a movement or rotation of a crown or root. The Tooth Movement Table (TMT) is available in a read-only format. You can find the TMT icon on the right-side panel. If there isn’t enough space on the browser display, the icon will be shifted to the left panel.
  • The TMT icon displays alerts for teeth that have either intermediate or challenging values. If there are teeth with intermediate values only, a yellow alert will be displayed with the number of such teeth. However, if at least one tooth has a challenging value, a red alert will be displayed for the number of teeth with challenging values. In other words, the red alert has priority over the yellow alert.

Spark Approver Web 

Match Auxiliaries Stages

  • This feature enables you to edit the start and end stages of auxiliary placement.
  • When using Spark Approver Web, the placement of auxiliaries such as Attachments, Elastics, Bite Ramps and Bite Turbos will be determined based on clinical preferences and the start and end stages of the auxiliaries on the target arch or opposite arch (when there are no auxiliaries present on the target arch).
  • If you add auxiliaries with different stages to teeth on different mandibles, two rows of stages will be displayed.

R15.0 Software updates 

Spark DTX Web Portal

Spark DTX Web Portal 

Smart STL integration for DentalMonitoring

  • With the DentalMonitoring Smart STL integration on the Spark DTX Web Portal, you can take refinements using DentalMonitoring Smart STLs*, thus making refinement scans for Spark a thing of the past!
  • This means more convenience for patients who no longer need to visit the office for a new intraoral scan for refinement aligners. You can select Smart STL as the refinement scan type during the refinement submission process.

*Spark doctors with an active DentalMonitoring subscription can only access this feature for refinement cases. Smart STL may not be regulatory cleared in your market. Please check with your local sales representative for regulatory clearance status.”

Spark is an advanced clear aligner system designed for more predictable & efficient treatment planning from start-to-finish.

MKT 24-0603