Innovative technology, helping you achieve your ideal finish through Digital Customization

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Insignia Overview

Insignia is a fully customized bracket system, offering the latest technology in digital orthodontics. With unmatched innovation, this system provides doctors with a tool to design and deliver precise and efficient results.

  • 37% less treatment time*
  • 7 fewer office visits on average*
  • Differentiate with Digital and Grow your Practice


The three key features of Insignia:

  • 100% customized brackets
  • Clear precision placement guides (jigs)
  • Customized archwires: Niti, CuNiTi, TMA, SS

Innovative Technology

Integration with CBCT root data in order to provide uncompromised accuracy in visualizing the patients’ root positions

Culmination of decades of research and innovation

  • Insignia is a product that was created by Dr. Craig Andreiko, who built the system with the premise to improve clinical efficiency.
  • The Insignia software uses more than 40.000 data points per tooth, as well as unique algorithms to design the patient’s final result and customized appliances.


Customization for every patient

  • Advanced computer algorithm precisely calculates each tooth’s unique prescription, position, and morphology



  • With 28 patents, Insignia puts a first-of-its-kind technology right at your fingertips
“Clinical efficiency is all about controlling and minimizing variables to acheive reproducible results and consistent treatment in both time and quality.”
Dr. Craig Andreiko
Dr. Craig Andreiko


  • accounts created for online case submissions.
  • Take PVS impressions or Digital dental scans to begin the custom design process
  • Upload a CBCT to integrate the patients’ actual root data


  • Once impressions received, our Insignia technicians begin designing a proposed setup of your patients’ final occlusion.
  • The Insignia Approver software enables you to view each to in detail, providing you with complete control of each case.


  • Patient-specific customized brackets and wires
  • Appliance design and customization driven by your approved smile design
  • Click here to view how an Insignia case is manufactured


  • With every Insignia case you will receive:
    • 5 upper and lower customized archwires
    • Fully customized brackets
    • Clear jigs for precise indirect bonding
    • 2nd set of single jigs (with extra molar tubes)
    • Ability to place orders for replacement parts, free of charge
  • Click here to view how our Insignia clear jigs are made

Check out our Approver software

Start with the End in Sight

  • Give every patient a precise and optimal smile design.
  • Insignia™ Advanced Smile Design™ puts you in the driver’s seat, allowing you to digitally design your desired occlusion and visualize the transformation from T1 to T2.
  • Once you approve the case, Insignia™ generates a revolutionary per-tooth prescription and builds a single patient kit of completely custom brackets, wires and clear placement guides for precise bonding.

Approver Software

  • Insignia™ is both intuitive and user friendly, making precise treatment planning easy.
  • More planning up front means shortened treatment time, less wire bending and fewer finishing appointments.

Insignia Bonding

Ormco leads the way in manufacturing customized appliances that are unique to each patient and treatment plan. Insignia delivers state-of-the-art digital technologies and unprecedented levels of customization with groundbreacking efficiencies.


Indirect bonding with precision

Every Insignia case is accompanied with clear jigs designed and manufactured, capturing the unique occlusal anatomy of. every tooth, for precise indirect bonding. This gives you the ability to view exact bracket placement before light curing for a more comfortable bonding experience for both staff and patients.

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Getting started with Insignia

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